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Online chat and chat rooms are part of the overall experience on the internet today. Chat rooms allow people to connect in ways they never thought possible. From the comfort of your own home you can log on and meet new people from all over the world. Our chat rooms provide a rich and friendly user experience that will help you relax from a stressful day. Chatting is a fun and unique experience that allows you to revel in fantasy while making real connections with real people. Get involved and try one of our enjoyable and exciting chat rooms today.

People who are outgoing and love to meet new people can now have all the fun at home when they chat online. PlanetLiveChat connects you to people from various backgrounds and cultures. You can easily find people that share your interests. Many people among us have trouble finding friends that share the same interests. Since PlanetLiveChat.com puts you in touch with thousands of people instantly, you can easily find people that are like-minded and enjoy the same activities. You will never be short of friends.

One of the greatest tools that we have today is online chat rooms. PlanetLiveChat is your best way to meet people from all parts of the world. You are no longer limited by distance and your friendship can now go beyond borders in this free chat network. You can have access to thousands of people who are looking for good company to spend their evenings and weekends together with you, chatting in their favorite online chat room talking about interesting topics. It is great fun finding new friends daily and interacting with them through chat sites.

You can also find lot of singles who are looking for stable relationships at PlanetLiveChat singles chat rooms. You might even be able to find your soul mate in our lounge or karaoke room. You never know where it could happen. Our singles chat rooms will help you discern whether you would like to take your relationship with someone to the next step or not. If you do not like to take the relationship to the next step and sign up at our chat community or you can conveniently leave it at the singles chat room.

PlanetLiveChat will be a wonderful place for you to unwind and relax after a tiring day and a hectic week. You can easily imagine the amount of fun you can have when you chat online with people from different parts of the country and different parts of the world. You can have anything from lighthearted moments to serious discussions. So how you would like to make use of our chat community is totally up to you. We can guarantee that you will never get bored once you have found our chatrooms. You will never again have to wonder how to spend your free evenings because your friends will be waiting for you here. You can take part in common chatrooms discussions as well as have private chats. You can also invite your friends. We also have many interesting smileys, file sharing, video & voice features to make your chats even more exciting. Another interesting feature that you will certainly love is the handwriting mode, which will allow you to scribble with the handwriting tool when you are too bored to peck your keyboard.

Our chat interface really user friendly! Instead of spending time figuring out where to go and what to click, you can start having fun right away. No need to put up with the hassle of complicated technology.

Besides the regular emoticons and smileys, you can use Flash emoticons to express how exactly you are feeling. Using these unique emoticons livens up your chat and definitely adds to the to the fun and excitement. You can even change the background image of the chat session to bring you daily experience a new flare!

As you can see, we at PlanetLiveChat have put in extra efforts to ensure that you have a wonderful online chatroom experience that you will not find elsewhere on the web and all on one site. You will not receive any spam mails from us. You are free to share your personal information in our chat community only if you wish to do so. Go head, have fun, enjoy yourself. Choose your chat room, find new friends and have a good time. And remember "what happens in the planet stays in the planet".

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Planetlivechat encourages everyone to have an out of this world experience in our chat rooms. Be sure and visit our Chat Rules Page Planetlivechat rules are here to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment!