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  • Do Not remove clothing while on video chat, nudity is strictly prohibited and you will be banned.
  • Do Not harass, annoy, stalk, or cause intentional harm to anyone in our chat rooms. Anyone found to be harassing or intimidating other individuals will be banned.
  • Do Not send private messages to anyone without the permission from them first.
  • Do Not repeatedly use capital letters within the chat room, this is considered yelling at an individual and you will be asked to leave the

    video chat room

  • Do Not use your email address or any other website addresses on any of the main chat screens. Rooms are to be used for chatting purposes, not to exchange contact information or promote businesses or products.
  • Do Not click on other individual's webcams without first requesting permission.
  • Do Not spam us, anyone spamming email addresses,websites,or harmful content of any kind will be banned immediately.
  • It is acceptable to share personal details in private, but you assume all risks associated with sharing your information.
  • Once you have requested another individual's permission, you may talk in private.
  • If a Planet Live Chat administrator or moderator informs you that you have engaged in inappropriate behavior, be sure to conform to their requests. Failure to comply with their requests, including ignoring their requests, will result in your chat being terminated or banned from our chat rooms.
  • Administrators are chatters with red names and moderators are in green on the name list. These chatters are here for the safety of all individual chatters, and will not accept inappropriate or abusive behavior.
  • ADMINASTRATORS in RED will not chat in private; do not request them to do so. If you have issues with the chat or another individual in the chat rooms request the assistance of a MODERATOR If they feel its necessary, they will move the chat to a private environment.
  • MODERATORS in GREEN have the responsibility for supervising the chat rooms and individuals chatting. They are here for your safety and to make Planet Live Chat an enjoyable experiance for all, and anyone they identify as engaging in inappropriate behavior will have his or her chat terminated or be banned. You can contact a moderator and discuss your concerns in private if necessary.
  • Be respectful of all individuals in the chat rooms, their personal information, and your own.
  • Enjoy your online chat experience!

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