BigOne is a dick sucker
Posted October 9, 2014 by bakedct
Simply MaD

Morning Penguings and peoples ...
Though since I have no intention on an actual chat ... I figured some words to share ... if read or not .. was needed ... more on a personal level than any other ... and please do remember my initial post ... may have been three years ago ...

but popcorn packets help

Such a longish (a completely lovely and unrealistic word) time ...

ahem (soz .. not chatted ... too much to say ... and silly keyboard wont just come out with what I want ... ((plus I think fingers are getting older)) ... and yes I just bracketted inside a bracket) .... soz ... I try again

Such a longish time since I have seen the flashes of a thousand words within the bustle of the room .. the constant compliments .. or the terrifying teardown .. or just giggles with the guys until the naughty thoughts of twilights wake .. hard to even imagin where you guys are at .. considering how far I have come .. from gossip of my travels .. some have been together to seperate soon after ...

others have even gone on to impossible promises bound by metal circular objects ... HA forever .... (now now now no personal penguin issues .. friggin MATE FORE LIFE MY ARSE ... soz ... breathing) ...

I have even been made aware of a few combinations of chatters coming together ... converging on one another in a heated night of clicks (why do I imagin you guys clicking each other in bed) ... to pop out some very amazing children (no matter how unusual they do seem) ...

I myself have not changed muchly ... as you kinda can see .. though kinda scared of enclosed online places with lotsa peoples ... still hovering between pluto and earth ... completely amused by the facial twitches of you humans while clicking each other in bed ... and while drinking milk ... very strange indeed

though these days I not online ... I still work with pc's ...

just not fixing em .. just talking to em ..

yup ... I sit there .. dressed up as a human for the day ... put this black gadget over my ear ... and a tone sounds .. and these voices come at me .. a thousand voices .. some cranky .. some happy .. some cry ... some laugh ..

you humans and your inventions ... a laughing computer ... and I am required to talk to the computer too .. I AM NOT KIDDING ... conversing with a hunk of silicon .. and you people say I need to seek help ... they say "the more you talk .. the more you get paid" .. I say "what ... your paying me as well"

shittles ... been two years ... the trick now is to get me to shut up ...

Aside from that ... on the wrap up ... not much else has changed personally .. still at my sisters ... still annoying the nieces ..
not quite as ummm "pure" as before .. I was .. it's just last few months been a bit hectic ... someone gave me a good slap too a few months ago ..

so keep waking up in very random locations ... (exceptionally random) ...
with very random females of human variety ... (VERY & EXCEPTIONALLY RANDOM) ...
with an very horrid feeling in my head ... a very horrid feeling in my stomach ... and a desperate desire to boast this to whom ever will show sympathy ... (I do believe it is called a hangover) ...

Though this does not happen as often as I would like ... hence my words on here

well thanks for the medium guys ... and if you read this far yet again


Miss you ya bunch of crazy peoples

Steven Metz
I need help
Posted August 19, 2014 by Steven Metz

Hey, Im looking for a person...Who use to be on here and I was wondering if anyone has her on their facebook.
Twisted_Redhead but her first name is Amanda something...Please Help

Posted May 14, 2014 by dougie

why do you get banded if you don't do nothing wrong guest they don't like the uk on here


You talked to me about so many things
Your love of flowers, the way Elvis sings
Monroe in the films, and Bobby’s Honey
When folk behaved for no gain or money

You talked to me about your early life
Before this girl grew into Denzil’s wife
Harder years when near all were poor
Countless men sent off to fight the war

You talked to me about solemn themes
Truth came forth, no appeasing schemes
When you spoke I opened a listening ear
Some things you said only now are clear

You’d talk to me now if only you could
Son look after Dad just the way I would
Mum all the values you blessed me with
Will live on within me, I pledge you this

‘Written in memory of my Mum who passed away in her sleep on 9th March 2013’ – Paul Fisher (CornishPaul)

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