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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Planetlivechat.com

Planelivechat.com is fully committed to its users. privacy. This privacy statement exhibits the online practices of Planelivechat.com. We are a highly transparent company and all our online practices are presented here clearly. Take your time to review them. In this privacy statement .you. refers to the user of this website and .the company. refers to Planetlivechat.com.

User Eligibility

Users of Planelivechat.com must be at least 15 years. By visiting Planelivechat.com the user agrees that they are accepting the terms and conditions of this website. You agree to use this website in conformity with its terms and conditions and all applicable laws.

Maintenance of User Logs

Planelivechat.com maintains user logs and whenever you log on to our chat interface, your IP will be recorded. It is as per the regular security practices that prevail in this industry. This will help us track users that misuse the chat rooms and to identify users that are problematic. By keeping track of these IP records, we will have the opportunity to report such people to the respective ISP's. An Internet Service Provider can identify the household where the user accessed this website. This is keeping with our policy to provide a fair and safe chat environment for every user that uses this website. The IP will be logged automatically and stored in our database. This information will not be published anywhere as part of our privacy policy.

If need should arise we will make this information available to the law enforcement enquiries.


We may use external ad companies for displaying relevant ads that might be of use to our website users. These ads are set to track cookies. Ad companies will collect cookies received through the banner ads. Planelivechat.com does not have access to the cookies information collected by the external ad companies that display their ads in our website.

Personal Information Management

Planelivechat.com gathers information through user registration. We maintain highest level of confidentiality with respect to the personal information submitted by the user during the registration process. Planelivechat.com does not guarantee any user information to any third parties at any point of time. By becoming a member at Planelivechat.com and by using Planelivechat.com website you agree that:

  • The company will own all the information you post including pictures, posts you make in the website and other written material posted in this website.
  • The company reserves all rights to such material.
  • The company can use such material as it wishes but not sell any personal information to any third parties.

Though Planelivechat.com collects email id's of its members, it will not use these email id's to send spam mails. database. This information will not be published anywhere as part of our privacy policy.

It is the responsibility of Planelivechat.com to store all the personal information of the users including email addresses securely.

Messages Sent By Other Users

Planelivechat.com is not responsible for the messages sent by the other users. You take complete responsibility and we shall not be held responsible for any communications received by you from the other members. You also take complete responsibility for verifying the accuracy of information posted in the user profiles of the other members. We do not represent or endorse any of the user information and their authenticity.

User Conduct

By using this website you agree that you will not misuse this service in any way to harass other users or engage in offensive practices of other users and members of this website. Planetlivechat.com reserves the right to terminate any user account at its own discretion. Planetlivechat.com is the final decision making authority in this regard.

Links to Third Party Websites

Planelivechat.com may contain links to third party websites and users that click these links are doing so at their own risk. Planelivechat.com does is not to be considered responsible for the online privacy practices of these third party websites.

Website Security Measures

Planelivechat.com provides its users with a safe online environment by taking the necessary security precautions to protect the users against all kinds of misuse, loss of information submitted to Planelivechat.com. This website is hosted on a safe server and managed professionally. Planelivechat.com also provides the necessary physical security to all data storage devices.

Changes To Policy

Planetlivechat.com reserves the right to change its policies pertaining to this website anytime without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the users to review the policy of the company periodically and to conform to the latest terms and conditions. If there are any disputes, they will be viewed in light of the latest policy.

Notification Emails

Planetlivechat.com reserves the right to send you email notifications regarding the services and regarding any updates it wishes to convey its users. This is not to be treated as spam mail but as nothing but official communication.

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